Happy Chick Emulator Download

iOS Devices

(For both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices)

Option 1

Download from Manual of GameSir using your iPhone

Step 1: Scan the QR code

  G2/G2U(inner page with number)   G3/G3s(front page with number)  

Step 2: You will see pages as below, open URL with browser and download.


Step 3: Trust “Happy Chick“emulator on your iOS system
A.Click the emulator icon, you will have prompt as picture 1.
B.Go to set up and trust the App supplier belowing instruction as indicated in picture 2~8.
C.Emulator installed sccessfully as picture 9.

picture 1   picture 2   picture 3

picture 4   picture 5   picture 6

picture 7   picture 8   picture 9


1.On non-jailbroken iOS devices, download from website requests WeChat, for foreign users download with the QR code of the manual is recommended.
2.The code is only valid for installation on two devices, please keep it only for your usage.
3.G3f, G3W is not applicable to iOS, there is no QR code for emulator installation on iOS devices.

Option 2

Download Happy Chick from your iPhone

Step 1: Open the URL of: http://www.xiaoji001.org from the browser of iPhone.
You will see instruction pages as Picture 1 and Picture 2

  picture 1   picture 2